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Trust and Value

Trust and Value

We are solid and trustfull. We not only talk, but better, we do and deliver.

Innovation and creativity

Most of the time, solution comes through creativity and innovation. We bring all our brains to stimulate creativeness. Let’s build up !

We are here for you

Nothing is impossible. It’s not about money, not about time, not about ego. It’s all about Value. We do help you create amazing products that contribute in a way to make history.


Our services, for you, with you

Android Applications

We are creating Android Applications for years now, accumulating all the best practices to produce the best product.


Be part of the next big thing in the human history after the Internet : the IoT. We help you creating products that matc...


Sharing knowledge is essential in getting higher and quicker.

Design thinking

Based on our experiences and expertise, we apply design-specific cognitive activities through each step of your need

Let us make your product amazing :)

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Our Values


Time is a priceless. Don't waste it in any way. We promote "Lean" in all our approaches to


We believe in an effective collaboration by involving all the protagonists into the produc


Either one is a follower, or is a leader. We believe that innovation is definitely part of


We have an unconditional Love to every human being in all its complexity. That’s why we ...

What Our Client Say

I wanted to express all my gratitude toward Socosmoz and its founder. They are making amazing products and that changed my life :)
-Elsa K.